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Alt vs Clone

Okay now that I have raised the issue of alts in my previous post – I will need to unpack that -eh? but I have to rush to work now so will come back and edit this post to elaborate on the alt vs clone discussion happening in my head at the moment.

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Racing Online Practices…

We started with looking at racialization – but we are also finding so many located, contextual offline practices that are being recoded online…nothing new really (others have written about how this happens in various cultural venues) – but its in the way they are being (re)done in online worlds such as secondlife that is interesting. […]

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semester starts…

busy offline with semester beginning – hope to have something to post eventually…

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This morning – catching up with online stuff – I found myself on the racism review much to my pleasant surprise – although I dont explicitly blog about politics or the political scene(s) worldwide.

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Day one of Grad orientation

We have a mega incoming class again this year (last year was tiny). Great fun meeting everyone – am looking forward to getting to know them.

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reading in my basement

read in the basement these days. So when I have to get connected – I have to run up two flights of stairs to my room where all the connecting gadgets are lying around… (I have stopped having the laptop in the living room) This means that when I am dying to share something with […]

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dialogue spaces – conversations through blogging

In the past and now I have always preferred using the blog format for conversations with advisees, research assistants, collaborators and now even some family members. More the monologue blog that emulates the lone journal writing – I prefer the conversations. And usually I do these by setting my blogs as private. So increasingly – […]

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writing a book….

Writing a book is a very humbling experience – you see (read) how many people have already written about what you thought was something you “discovered”… Marketing the idea for the book and shopping it to publishers however … one has portray it all as “new”… hmmm okay – back to reading/thinking/writing

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why not…

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preparing for class and…

rereading Lisa Nakamura’s digitizing race intro – getting ready for class and also to work it into my book. Lots of clarity as I see what she does with the notion of digital visual cultures and race….

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