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splitting up into pasts and present/ce I rewrite and recode …yet again

Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 22:31:07 -0400 To: From: radhika gajjala Sender: Reply-To: I have such stories to tell . . . how will I tell them to you? what will I weave them into weaving in and out talking in code which code will you understand will you understand why why […]

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Radha ki Potiyaan?

Okay now that M has her own email address and K wondered about blogging for her – I have now officially started a next generation blog – let’s see if they pick up on it

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so once again…

we go back to asking what is “real” what makes something “real” and what is “virtual” and how do these two terms travel through time and context and acquire meaning based on values and social philosophies embedded in everyday living and meaning making….

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This one needed to be not just a snapshot…

“Saraswati” from Radha Ki Betiyaan line…

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Radha Ki Betiyaan Line of outfits designed by rad Zabibha… Disclaimer – This has no connection to the Television series of that name – except that we named our private blog with the name of the Television serial of that name…

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