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The Bard and the Emperor

The bards they went from place to place learning Other people’s stories telling them to other people in rhythms and tones, tunes and pitches that the rulers did not always comprehend the bard had learned from all the Others s/he travelled far and wide forgot where s/he be-longed no longer longing for any one place […]

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but of course it did not matter if chitragupta was female…

the conjugations… they shifted in the telling because no one remembered or felt compelled that the narrator’s body had at one time given birth since that was not significant the conjugations in language shifted based on whether or not that was to be signified… so chitragupta picked up a quill and started to write

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pre-industrial woman as agent…

What’s at stake in viewing the pre-industrial woman as without agency – as a perpetual victim of patriarchy?

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women’s “empowerment” in 1869

Detail of a vignette from an 1869 patent letter. Vertical File Collection, c. 13, Letters Patent. Copyright 2001, President and Fellows of Harvard College; all rights reserved. “75 Young Women 15 to 35 Years of Age, Wanted to Work in the Cotton Mills!” broadside ca. 1870. Vertical File Collection, c. 2, Textiles: Printed Materials, Mss […]

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practice of writing

I am required to write in full sentences if I am to complete the chapters in the book. As I think of the materialization of affect through virtuality – and the realization of the “virtual” through the tech interface, I consider various rituals of authenticity… rituals of authenticity return me to code words and chants… […]

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occasional post.

I have been in “hiding” with my writing this year. Except for facebook updates and some conference presentations, I have not shared much about what I have been working on. I am currently very busy offline getting my book written – and so this blog is going to stay quiet for a while longer – […]

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