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Chanting on facebook

There is a chanting in my inner mind I hear it but what are those words on the tip of my tongue as I try to chant along I know them but I do not there is a chanting that I know very well but how could I I never did learn them I cannot […]

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Blogging from my iphone finally – no place to click like

Blogging from my iPhone not wanting it to be status update on facebook Twitter or myspace. Not really thinking of anything clever or otherwise to write. Writing to get the feel of typing in my blog from my iPhone as I wait for the dinner order at a restaurant.

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It is not the photograph That is Evidence It is my memory of his memory that I pass on to you That is evidence It is not the picture that tells the truth It is your memory of my memory of his memory That is the truth Whether He remembers telling me Or Not Whether […]

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Gadwal Frenzy

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