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revisiting (actually, looking for some past exchanges I need for a paper – but…)

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I am currently in the process of completing the manuscript for the book some of you have heard me mention in my various twitter, facebook and livejournal updates and rants. I thought I might blog about the book itself – but that did not happen for various reasons. I have written articles and book chapters […]

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clueless Aswatthama… (to be contd)

These days – Everyday.. Dronacharya had taken to going for long walks quietly… His disciples and his son wondered where he was going. Aswathama followed his learned father to the market one day and was shocked to see that his father was spending his time sitting at Ekalavya’s store and chatting. –but father, you told […]

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Relational Marketing in Virtual Worlds

___ (see forthcoming publications for elaborations)

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must it be text?

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2010 in Status messages

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