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Discussing Affect on FB

Greg Seigworth – co-editor for the Affect Theory reader recently released, is kindly donating time to help my grad students in trying to understanding and dialogue around issues of Affect. (and p.s. – yes there is a connection between my following of micro-moneys, placement of affect and online/offline ethnographies – partly why my grad seminars […]

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and yes – I’m still following the saris…

meshes everywhere…. learning everywhere just so I can get the “correct” aesthetic…

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Following the Money…from fluff to essentials…

My research journeying to where money is being exchanged through online software is taking me into various muddyings of ideology, finance and socio-economic practice – in places of work through play. click, click, click… Start with the fluff and move to essentials…. microtransact away… or make essential the fluff (which is a bit different from […]

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widening gaps…

The body will be more vulnerable it can be attacked no amount of social networking and learning of skills may help networking in so-called public space where the body cannot enter voicing out loud when the body is not can not be there no it is NOT a revolution if you can only speak or […]

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