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my crochet patterns – random ramblings

Most of my patterns are improvised as those who view my UFOs and FOs on rav know by now. My main modes of fiber expression have so far been designing quilt patches mostly from handloom fabric (from India), crocheting with handdyed/handpainted yarn which is mostly (even if not always) handspun. My so-called knitting project frogged […]

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Traces of existence and interaction I have always looked for signs That Some others did not consider Relevant or as existing Awake before dawn much of my life Searching Feeling and “seeing” And hearing and smelling And searching Databases and archives In material and mind Scan…ning This child my body brought forth My mind wonders […]

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today in my inbox…

Today in my inbox arrived a poem from a dear dear friend of expecting age to arrive with clarity…. and I turned inward thinking of my age(ing)… I in turn am engulfed in trying to distinguish what is memory what is a thought a dream a nightmare a wish I have taken to reaching for […]

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Happy winter solstice

Happy winter solstice to all! Whether we call it that or not – whatever the reason any and all of us celebrate – can it be the objective truth that the stars do – in this time period and in relation to the planet earth – align in a particular configuration on this day – […]

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nomad building families/links through online networks

my current immersion in a network leads me back to the theme of mobility and immobility and the (problematic ) assumptions about nomadic life as mobility…. building (new) “families” as families fade and delink … what epistemic shifts in relationality occur? what sorts of avoidance and rerouting around trauma? and the assumption that this is […]

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sinking sinking…thinking aloud in public again – research/writing journeys

[my initial instinct is to put this post on my LJ and/or in a private setting – and maybe I will change this into a private setting later…even here] Being part of multiple contexts – as I immerse myself here, there and then there and here – following the connections – I am once again […]

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a quick comment/note as I write afterthoughts into my book chapters…

I realize now that the question “has the internet empowered the subaltern woman” is not the question to ask – in one sentence – the answer could be “yes” – in another reply the answer could be “no” – but…. it tells us nothing about what I set out to investigate in the past 18 […]

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archive fever again

As I work on the final revisions on the book manuscript while the publishers examine the camera-ready samples – I once again got caught in an archive search frenzy. Also my continuing work and leisure in various mostly women-centered networks (because the practice of knitting and related fiber craft is still gendered as a female […]

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Hook and spindle ….

Early morning hours of reading and writing and thinking…. Today’s understanding…. Encapsulated by code words hook and spindle…. No sunrise yet at the time of writing and reading curtains not yet pulled apart to see if… But I anticipate a beautiful mood…

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what’s in my bowl this weekend?

and… what’s on my drop spindle this weekend?

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