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if you are searching on FB

not there again for a bit – just call or email.    

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Conclusions… sigh

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Rooftops again

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Social Media “hiatus”

Hi all – yes its true – cyberdiva is taking a break – the digital performative stuff on various sites lie frozen and when my accounts are reactivated or I begin to inhabit the spaces again – you will see what I am doing and thinking more than you’d like to – once again. Those […]

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TOC – Weavings of the Virtual and Real: Cyberculture and the Subaltern

Contents Acknowledgements Introduction: Subaltern empowerment, socio-economic globalization and digital divides 1. Producing the Global: Microfinance Online with Franklin Yartey and Anca Birzescu 2. Philanthrophist or Investor? Microlending to the Other with Anca Birzescu, Franklin Yartey 3. Snapshots from Sari Trails, Cyborgs Old and New with rad Zabibha 4. Framing the Loom: An Indian Context with […]

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