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For my Fall 2013 Online class students (ACS 3000/WS 3000)

Dear Enrolled Students, This is your friendly neighborhood online course instructor for your WS 3000 special topics course. The course is focused on Feminism and Technology and American Culture. Just dropping you all a note to say – Welcome to the class  and here’s how to be ready for it. Please read this message to […]

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Speaking at WSSF 2013 in October 2013


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odd late afternoon doze off… surreal dreams and re discoveries of things lying around at home…

Conversing in my head with Leopoldina Fortunati’s writing, with Marx and with Gandhi … I took a brief break, remembered I promised to find something of P’s grandfathers’ legacies/keep sakes/ whatever you want to call them… the Econometrica article co-authored by my father gifted to V after we had agreed to marry, the book of […]

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one of the rare times in women’s labor history when women actually got “equal pay”…

One wonders …if in present times women actually got equal pay (as opposed what we actually get)…

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women and spinning – snippets as I draw out themes…

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Again … The (possibly phantom) book about spinning and women’s labor keeps trying to rear its head popping in and distracting my focus. But it is relevant. Even though what I’m writing is not focused on spinning alone.

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Found my one key point that seems to be the center…

Found my one key point that seems to be pivotal to the book project. Now to see how much I can write without feeling tempted to go do more ethnographic visits and hands-on craft work – or to read read more more… I am going to force myself to write from what I have (and […]

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Yes I am off FB and planning to be off for a while

Once again… Please note I did not drop any FB friends. I deactivated the account. I don’t plan on reactivating until this next book manuscript is done. So don’t feel rejected… (;))

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and yes

and yes – I often think as if I have not a moment to breathe and when I write off such thinking – there is no recognizable punctuation in the writing… and then I hit a stu–u- tter… then I have to read re-read and rethink

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Trying to make sense…thinking aloud

In trying to make sense of Digital Ontologies and Neoliberal Ontologies – being careful not to collapse one with the other – through the spotting of wo-men’s work (work, labor, affect, place, time, space and bodies –tacit, material, visible and so-called in-visible -) and through the juxtaposition of the seeming “opposition” of the materiality of […]

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