Multiple modes of reporting: variable connectivity

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As my FB friends list becomes more and more uncontrollable (sometimes I don’t even know why and who I’m adding when I get the requests anymore) – I am thinking of this huge “joint family” of social media relations that i keep shouting out to. Is anything in my life private anymore (yes it is you just don’t know because I haven’t told you) – and who assumes that this – here what I say on social media – is the whole of my life? Does it matter what readers and social media friends assume? When does it matter? How is what I do here material? (It is material but that’s not what I’m asking is it? As always the key word is the “how”.)
As I relocate for a year, I am processing my thoughts in Facebook, twitter, instagram and blog posts. These are everyday negotiations of private and public – of choosing to tell stories about our everyday. Choosing when and where – but also about spontaneity and form. 
Is anything different this time from previous times I have relocated? I have always liked to report out from my everyday experience. I don’t remember if I did this reporting “out” in my childhood – my siblings and parents would know. I do know I was very shy – debilitating-ly shy at various points in my childhood and pre-highschool (yes my high school friends will laugh at this because I grew into quite an obnoxious person as I started to learn not to be shy – deliberately talking myself out of shyness).
A lot of my reporting on events happened in handwritten diaries/journals during my teenage travels – so I guess I really did not do much “reporting out” except if I was writing letters to a sibling, parent or niece who wasn’t in the same place as I was.
Very few letters to friends, come to think of it…
I did have a lot of reporting out and interaction during my modem based listproc days – and many of my current social media networks contain friends I “met” in those days – I guess reporting out to publics I didn’t always know face to face or really “know” were lurking on lists started then. Well I wrote a dissertation and some of my chapters in my first book on “Cyberselves” recounted some of this. Play became work, Work became play, personal relationships wove into the public – things got a bit mixed up.
I think I reported out in letters when I made my first few adult moves away from my parents’ home – and the letters were few and long and individualized to specific people. Then my post internet adult move was when I moved to Bowling Green and my spouse and son were still in Pittsburgh. I think most of my communication then was by email and landline with the two of them and sometimes letters and emails to others.
 I think my early websites in those years were the first attempts at “reporting out” spontaneously to the world out there. Subsequently myspace, Facebook, twitter and so on  became scattered hurried modes of reporting out to larger groups while to smaller groups and individuals I started texting, skyping, emailing and mobile-phone calling.
But coming to the present move – I find that I have many daily stories to tell – at least for the moment until I begin to feel I am “wasting” words when I should be writing for publication in academic venues instead… (I’ll come back to this thought about “Wasting” words and the associated guilt of excessive social media use another time).
So the daily stories get told in several messenger groups, emails, skype conversations, blog posts and Facebook status messages – each version tells different parts of the overall experience  – because  I have this awareness that what I write must remain audience appropriate. Yet – when I blog, instagram, tweet or Facebook status something – or even post to each discrete group of people in Facebook groups and messenger of cc email messages – I feel I am dumping “excess.”
I don’t know what use anything I write will be to anyone reading – I wonder what makes “use value” in this instance – and what gets categorized as self-obsession and narcissism?
I noticed some other travellers posting on Facebook raising similar questions. And some people have told me how they Facebook followers object to them posting frequents reports on their daily lives  – but… really – there is such confusion about why people friend each other, then…
If what I say offends you or its information overload – don’t friend me:)
You can’t lurk and watch my life and then object to too much posting and reporting?
On the other hand if the concern on my part is – what will my colleagues think? What will my family say?
Well that’s taken different forms in different modes of communication over time and space,
As someone who’s published work that a lot of people may or may not like – when does it matter what my social media “friends” think?
I don’t always sound smart (I’m assuming I sometimes sound smart to some people). I don’t blog on current events or public politically important issues. I reserve my Theory posts for formal publication venues (in my experience I am not well-known enough that my blog posts get cited – so I’d rather put my research and theory stuff in formal publications where they will have to be cited if used – my professional value and mobility after all depend on the citational indexes and the academic validation given to writing and ideas clearly tied to my name).
[Ok now I shall publish this and proceed to feel uncertain and embarrassed – and return to edit typos and content now and then].

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