A vegetarian in search of food – again. Craving spice.

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Traveling as a child it was easy to be vegetarian everywhere I was travelled to by my parents. My mother made delicious vegetarian food – both my parents did the work of finding out where the ingredients were available and my mother could make good Indian spiced up vegetarian food anywhere. Of course, in those days with fewer restrictions on things carried in hand luggage, she probably travelled with her spices and legumes and pickles in hand (it certainly sounds like she did based on the advise she gives me even now).

I hate packing legumes and pickles in my luggage – there I said it. I will not.

But I did bring my mother’s special brand of curry masala (koora podi) brought from Hyderabad to Bowling Green and some portions taken to Dallas on my visits to my son. What remains of it. I did.

The first few days I used it with (penne) pasta, rice, lentils in a box (not raw), spinach….

My Indian recipes are mixed up and self-learned mostly though – because – well who doesn’t know the story of my being the youngest child who did not learn to cook and the daughter-in-law who didn’t have to cook? I won’t tell that story again.

I self-learned to formally cook everyday meals when we first moved to Pittsburgh (come to think of it I did self-learn several things in Pittsburgh – self-learn as in learn from peers, friends and colleagues and books and the newly available modem connected communities – I have good cyber friends).

Ok – back to Bergen …

Today we found both McDonald’s and a global food store. McDonald’s is never a happy place for me – all I have are bad carb choices (I think they ran out of side salad today) as a vegetarian. But it was cheaper in cost than any other place and the Thai food place I really wanted to go to was to open for lunch at 2 pm.

The global food place made me happy – we came home with raw lentils – different varieties that make the different kinds of daals and cumin, mustard seeds, dry red chillies, grated coconut and what not.

My food factory is ready to be activated, folks.

In other news, today I went to the immigration/police office for the appointment where I was photographed and finger printed – the permit card is on its way. Next step – social security card.

Also – in case it looks like I have forgotten all about my research and the interviews lined up and my writing deadlines … I haven’t. I sit on this  window seat with my books (yes in spite of saying that I would only do kindle books this trip I did bring some precious ones – like Janet Greenlees “Female Labour Power” , Barthes “Mythologies” “Nancy Cott’s “Bonds of Womanhood,” Frances  Sinha’s “Microfinance Self-help Groups in India” and one more… I did want to bring “Before the Luddites” and “Crafting the Nation” but they seem to have been removed in my last-minute attempts to make my luggage weigh “right”).  I also have my paper based journals/books where I have notes from the interviews recently done. I am going to be emailing and setting up times with a few people who have been waiting patiently for me to get a bit settled in here.

I also am excited about the two courses I am co-teaching this semester at the University of Bergen. But more on all these another time.

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