Affective circuits and Digital Mediation – Borders, Refugees, Migrants, Bottom of the Pyramid, Smartphones, Care workers, Work/Labor, Games for change, Gender and Race…

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Baumhaus, Kreuzberg, Berlin (formerly East Berlin beyond the wall)Affective circuits and Digital Mediation –  Borders, Refugees, Migrants, Bottom of the Pyramid, Smartphones, Care workers, Work/Labor, Gender and Race….

These are but a few of the key words for all the flurry of research activity that has been occurring in my life these past few months since I arrived in Bergen, Norway as Fulbright Professor in Digital Culture.

Since I got here I have actually not only continued work on my “Tangled Yarn and Tangled Wires” project while concretizing some understandings drawn from over 60 interviews that were done mostly over the summer of 2015, I have also continued work (interviews and collaborations) around my highly collaborative project on “South Asian digital diasporas, circuits of Affect and Labor.” In addition to the over 30 interviews collected and continuing conversations with some who are co-authoring with me, I’ve been writing informally and formally based on understandings that actually lead me to juxtapose findings from both these larger projects in shorter articles and thought pieces. Eventually some of these will be out in blog post publications and in more formal journal based publications and in the long run they will come out as co-authored journal publications and book chapters (with some of it going into my book under contract).  The Philanthropy 2.0 project continues with much involvement and dialogue taking place through classroom settings as well (in both the Bachelor’s level and Master’s level classes that I am teaching here at UiB) and this project too interweaves with the other two in some thought pieces and invited book chapters I’ve been working on. But most exciting is the collaborative writing I am doing with the Master’s class on games for change and philanthropy 2.0. While observations and data from all this will go into the book under contract (entitled “Philanthropy 2.0”) these conversations are leading to collaborative writing with both doctoral advisees at BGSU and Master’s students at UiB in the long run. Some writing that draws on all three of the above book projects based research has already been written up in shorter and longer pieces with co-authors from amongst my doctoral advisees and mentees at BGSU and some may come out in publication eventually in 2016 perhaps. I have also had the pleasure of co-supervising a couple very interesting BA thesis projects here in the DIKULT BA program at UiB.

In addition to what might be considered pre-decided projects initiated by me – the above three projects based on books in progress – I have had the pleasure of connecting up with colleagues in Bergen, Netherlands and Germany to continue investigations related to migrants, diasporas, refugees, gender and technology.

These include but are not limited to:

Continued collaboration with Koen Leurs and Sandra Ponzanesi on their project on “Connected migrants: encapsulation or cosmopolitanism?”

  • Co-investigator on “World University Network” Research Development Fund (RDF) 2015 grant application for project on “Inclusion/Exclusion in Digital Culture” (PI Dr. Hilde Corneliussen, University of Bergen). Other co-investigators include Bridgette Wessels, Valentina Cardo, Laura Czerniewicz, Jeanette Dillon, Brian D. Loader, Gerard Goggin, Lin Prøitz, Sally Wyatt and several others.
  • Collaborator on a grant funded project “Virtual identities of Muslim women in Norway” with Carol Azungi Dralega, Hilde Corneliussen (University of Bergen), and Lin Prøitz (Sheffield University).
  • Investigation of Gaming Cultures and Game Development in Norway with Kristine Jorgensen and Linn Sovig.
  • Research on Syrian Migrants, Refugees and Media/Technology with Jill Walker Rettberg and other collaborators.
  • Also some emerging collaborations around Games for change.

One resulting forthcoming commentary – see link.

see also Jill’s blog posts which actually led to her inviting me to collaborate on this –

 Jill Walker Rettberg on “To look into a refugee’s eyes”

 Jill Walker Rettberg on “How do Syrian refugees use social media and technology?” at

  • Research on Migrants and Refugees to Europe, Indian Diasporas, Technology, Affect, Care, Smartphones and so on with Urmila Goel and other collaborators from Germany.

some connecting points –

Gajjala.pdf ]

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