I did not want to write a blog post today. Yet I stutter along in public today.

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I did not want to write a blog post today – but the thoughts cannot be contained – neither can they be written.

You know -one of those days – many days go by like this.

Presenting at The Toronto School event on sunday – my power medium being the Spindle – allowed me to write the narrative in yet another way – the connecting of women’s labor, technology, affect, value and spinning….. so much history to find. I pre – presented before the presentation in conversation with several people – and recovered more bits a pieces of what I need to write….

looking to map spinner histories – looking through “archives” of oral histories – and myths and folklore – where might the history of women’s productive labor be hidden?

Anyway – at the same time as I was prepping – I saw Nancy Baym’s instagram post sharing  Joanna Vasconcelos exhibit images – and again today I saw those shared on Facebook when I returned to post (after a hiatus from FB)…


I remembered a draft of something I wrote for Fembot Laundry Day  that I don’t think I ever finished or published . So here goes (see next blog post). Its to serve as a reminder to make some connections I am thinking about in my offline diaries and in my notes when I write up my next … something … for publication along the themes …



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