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Keynote for Digital (De-)(Re-)Territorializations Conference @BGSU

for more on the conference – go to

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following the stash

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Following the Money…from fluff to essentials…

My research journeying to where money is being exchanged through online software is taking me into various muddyings of ideology, finance and socio-economic practice – in places of work through play. click, click, click… Start with the fluff and move to essentials…. microtransact away… or make essential the fluff (which is a bit different from […]

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hmm – SL economies…

A says she sees some parellels between how Sudhir Alladi describes the Chicago “underground” economy and SL economies… hmmm – I’m not sure I agree myself but can be made to see why she thinks so I am sure well I am going today – so can discuss this f2f (or cellphone to cellphone locally) […]

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Inter-facing DAMA – COMS 729

Understanding through doing…. the assignment emphasis was less on techical expertise of website building (most of the builders are beginners) and more on attempting to convey the concept that came from the client (as interpreted and understood by each of the groups based in their socio-cultural contextual locations). Is there a concept without an interface? […]

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practices of gifting on facebook…

Of course both dana and frank have already detailed their analysis and viewpoints on this… I always appreciate how they blog about the most recent practices and journal their viewpoint and analysis – this becomes useful to me and my advisees as we continue our cyberethnographic explorations. I have been gifting like crazy – sorta […]

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