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Again … The (possibly phantom) book about spinning and women’s labor keeps trying to rear its head popping in and distracting my focus. But it is relevant. Even though what I’m writing is not focused on spinning alone.

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Started this for the GWO 2012 (London] presentation

Women’s Laborers Transitioning and Reskilling through Digital Divides: What we learn from the juxtaposition of contexts from the Varied Geographical and Socio-cultural Contexts Radhika Gajjala [Note: Please do not cite without permission – for citation details –  – contact me, if you want to see elaborations of this project – this is a developing […]

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nostalgia for the rural?

who’d a thunk it – my writing with neices leads me back to mapping roots and routes … “my nostalgia for the rural is so unexplained by my actual life experiences…or on second thoughts maybe not unexplainable at all… while some may locate my yearning/nostalgia in roots in kakaraparru – it may be that the […]

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hmm – SL economies…

A says she sees some parellels between how Sudhir Alladi describes the Chicago “underground” economy and SL economies… hmmm – I’m not sure I agree myself but can be made to see why she thinks so I am sure well I am going today – so can discuss this f2f (or cellphone to cellphone locally) […]

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The Rad Zabibha collection at the International House of Style

Oryx has started the rad Zabibha collection in her store – check it out at

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Inter-facing DAMA – COMS 729

Understanding through doing…. the assignment emphasis was less on techical expertise of website building (most of the builders are beginners) and more on attempting to convey the concept that came from the client (as interpreted and understood by each of the groups based in their socio-cultural contextual locations). Is there a concept without an interface? […]

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hooray for oryx temple!

She created a salwar kameez from Dastkar Andhra fabric:)

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writing self – march 2007

వూరు “Vooru” – I punch that into the Padma telugu transformer – remember that at the theory cluster meeting they asked me if that was a form of insult. But of course I cant cut and paste it onto the word document – but it works here – so maybe I should continue the notes […]

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“staging authenticities” by itineraries that never take us “home”?

what can I say? whose voices am I consuming as I say why can I not say when you can but yet you want their authentic voices what I tell you cannot be trusted that’s what you say as if you had heard the authentic yourself then why do you need me to reveal it […]

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