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Radhika Gajjala is Professor of Media and Communication and of American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University, USA.   My work with what has now come to be termed as “Digital Humanities” dates back to the 1990s when we used to call it “Humanities for Computing,” “Technology and the Humanities” and so on. Early […]

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Day one of class across time zones

So I’ve been at this setting up of my online class since 5.30 am Norway time I am sure by now my students most of whom are in EDT zone will start to see the content. I  have also very clumsily recorded my snapchat lecture with one handheld appliance from another – so I will […]

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Snapchat Lectures for Online ACS 6820

**Warning – clunky videos – not best quality – spontaneous production – typos and sound issues … But we explore …. Here’s the storify explanation for what I’m doing for my summer graduate class in 2016 (This method will also be adapted for the undergrad class later this summer – but there are more than […]

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Selfie Researcher Network Journal One

Teaching Journals for Selfie researchers network 2014   Just journaling here  so that my fellow panelists heading to AOIR conference to present this work  can have this text to use when thet are on the ground at AOIR in Korea and presenting:   @@My undergrad/grad Class (Intercultural Communication) which is a bridge course so there […]

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Research Projects resulting in Publications, Grants and Partnerships

Research Projects resulting in Publications, Grants and Partnerships: (obviously many of these overlap – but different titles have been used in forming various proposals and projects) Microfinance Online/Offline – 2005 to present Representations of the Subaltern Online – 1994 to present Technology, Mobility, Body and Care (health, elder, child) – 2011 to present Global Craft […]

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Today on facebook

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Empowering Women Leadership through Civic Dialogues and Action: Utilizing Online/Offline Social Networking

reading through the grant proposal with Sharon et al… The section I worked on is “Empowering Women Leadership through Civic Dialogues and Action: Utilizing Online/Offline Social Networking: Leadership Development Project (LDP)” and I keep thinking up all sorts of fun exercises in my head now that its materialized as a possible project. I am looking […]

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Discussing Affect on FB

Greg Seigworth – co-editor for the Affect Theory reader recently released, is kindly donating time to help my grad students in trying to understanding and dialogue around issues of Affect. (and p.s. – yes there is a connection between my following of micro-moneys, placement of affect and online/offline ethnographies – partly why my grad seminars […]

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Once again – writing in 3d?

What does it mean to “write” in digital environments – using digital tools? As we discussed yesterday in the Web 2.0 learning community – sci fi is “written” through computer games, video games, machinima, secondlife communities… Forms of visual and aural articulations produced online are infact narratives – we know this. So when genres of […]

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And while I am griping…

Who took Pedagogy out and put Technology in to replace it?

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