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Has it been that long?

Well – I’ve never really been a blogger. I have a blog. But never got much into lengthy and regular blogging. I shy away from writing long pieces in public internet space unless they are authorized publication spaces – peer reviewed spaces most often. Writing long pieces for me is associated with formal publication – […]

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Radhika Gajjala is Professor of Media and Communication and of American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University, USA.   My work with what has now come to be termed as “Digital Humanities” dates back to the 1990s when we used to call it “Humanities for Computing,” “Technology and the Humanities” and so on. Early […]

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From Situated Knowledges, Partial Truths, Extended Ethnographies, Locating of Selves to Ethnography of Fragments/Fragmented Access

As I continue my interviews and ethnographies for my three books in-progress (don’t don’t ask ….) I begin to understand anew (it happens each time I embark on a new research project and try to sort out how to verify information from one interview to another – from one ethnographic context to another source of […]

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All knotted up…

As I said to one of the young people I was interviewing for the “South Asia” book project yesterday on skype – I’m going to have to figure out how I am mapping the themes for this book….not only because I am constantly aware that the use of “south Asia” for the “data” set and […]

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Writing in Bergen – smatterings of thought

Today my FB status message at around 6.45 am was :   “I know I’m supposed to take vitamin D pills and the receding daylight should be affecting me and all that – but really I like having a few extra hours of early morning before daybreak and the world around me stops whispering and […]

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Digital Humanities and the Subaltern – who gets to be “human”?

In a series of tweets, notes and paper abstracts so far I’ve been asking and thinking through this question in relation to why Digital Humanities – and how Digital Humanities can or should be mobilized for social justice. This involves a thinking through of what it means to be human (again) and of the location […]

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Multiple modes of reporting: variable connectivity

As my FB friends list becomes more and more uncontrollable (sometimes I don’t even know why and who I’m adding when I get the requests anymore) – I am thinking of this huge “joint family” of social media relations that i keep shouting out to. Is anything in my life private anymore (yes it is […]

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Arrivals after departure

Departed from Bowling Green, Ohio, USA for a year to be in Bergen, Norway. This will be my home for a year  as Fulbright-Norway Scholar (in Digital Culture) 2015-2016 at University of Bergen (with my BG home safely under the care of JD). My first couple days here have been spent in fascination with the […]

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diva writing woes – tangled yarn, tangled thoughts, tangled projects

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My latest *thing*

Yes – its a thing folks – Come register, sign up, watch…. (Click here to register) I made another course thing open to all (not really – only to those who tell me why and who etc) … lookie

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