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Radhika Gajjala is Professor of Media and Communication and of American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University, USA.   My work with what has now come to be termed as “Digital Humanities” dates back to the 1990s when we used to call it “Humanities for Computing,” “Technology and the Humanities” and so on. Early […]

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Time for wishful thinking again. Less FB status messages, more blog posts?

Shall I become hopeful that I might actually write blog posts regularly? No promises despite the subject header. Time will tell. If you noticed – this “blog post” is itself really written in a format similar to my Facebook status messages – and it would have been a tweet if I’d stayed with the first […]

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Snapchat Lectures for Online ACS 6820

**Warning – clunky videos – not best quality – spontaneous production – typos and sound issues … But we explore …. Here’s the storify explanation for what I’m doing for my summer graduate class in 2016 (This method will also be adapted for the undergrad class later this summer – but there are more than […]

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writing thoughts

Not for the first time ever has it occurred to me … how many times my daily work and home life routines have actually destroyed some very good writing habits I developed in my key teenage years when I was convinced I wanted to be an “author” – what that meant to me then and […]

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From Situated Knowledges, Partial Truths, Extended Ethnographies, Locating of Selves to Ethnography of Fragments/Fragmented Access

As I continue my interviews and ethnographies for my three books in-progress (don’t don’t ask ….) I begin to understand anew (it happens each time I embark on a new research project and try to sort out how to verify information from one interview to another – from one ethnographic context to another source of […]

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All knotted up…

As I said to one of the young people I was interviewing for the “South Asia” book project yesterday on skype – I’m going to have to figure out how I am mapping the themes for this book….not only because I am constantly aware that the use of “south Asia” for the “data” set and […]

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Writing in Bergen – smatterings of thought

Today my FB status message at around 6.45 am was :   “I know I’m supposed to take vitamin D pills and the receding daylight should be affecting me and all that – but really I like having a few extra hours of early morning before daybreak and the world around me stops whispering and […]

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An Indian in Bergen – or a US citizen in Bergen? (or shall we call it – the importance of knowing your Hing”?)

So we walk around looking for stores where they sell Indian (ish) vegetables, spices and grains and legume – we exhibit mannerisms and mixed accents that reveal us as “ugly Americans”… who are we? Who are we when we whip out an American Express card sheepishly as we run out of Norwegian Kroners? Who am […]

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A vegetarian in search of food – again. Craving spice.

Traveling as a child it was easy to be vegetarian everywhere I was travelled to by my parents. My mother made delicious vegetarian food – both my parents did the work of finding out where the ingredients were available and my mother could make good Indian spiced up vegetarian food anywhere. Of course, in those […]

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