“Performance Ethnography”

(re)Reading Denzin’s “Performance Ethnography”

With the questions of voice and representation once again freshly reverberating in my mind – with M, N, Y, others and me working on the book chapter on Feminist Ped online and other race in cyberspace projects – with me dialoging online with S, Sh, L and A about representational practices in relation to DA and about residual and emergent in relation to natural dye practices…. I am reaching for a few books – re- reading. Williams is one, Denzin is another, stuff from Feminist and Postcolonial Fem discussions on voice and the subaltern … etc… May or may not blog in relation to everything….

of course in the blog space the actual texts are only used as take-off points – and I will probably end up either chasing my own tail again or thinking and arguing specific lines leading to other conversations – writing with, to and against….

doing my own performative moves – not always in relation to the text listed in the header…

pg. x.
“I seek a performance rhetoric that turns notes fromthe field into texts that are performed”

– how might this be done dialogically – are notes from the field written by those that we are writing about as well?
who frames these notes performatively>

“We inhabit a performance-based, dramaturgical culture. The dividing line between performer and audience blurs, culture itself becomes a dramatic performance”

Are audience and performer the only separations possible – does the performer still not speak OF someone else? what of those voices? How is the integrity of dialogic tension and growth in conversation to be maintained in performance?

How might we explore the notion of voice in multiple contexts?

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