Journeying to Rajavolu – I detoured to Kakaraparru

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two round rooms on either side, she said

coloured glass on the windows…

two storeys..

it was a child remembering…

[I told her it looked like some of the stain glass was broken and she said – of course of course that house needs to be repaired – almost as if this would be her task to implement]

this reminded me of her “putting together” the house I lived in through some of my childhood in Hyderabad…
and I thought of my neice and her putting together of a farmhouse – some of using found material from older delapitated buildings from rural pasts…

I thought of what I imagine building in secondlife.




continuing this post on August 31st 2012 –


a year (in 2009 summer) after this post was originally uploaded with the image of my mother’s uncle’s MEda – I did eventually visit Kakaraparru again, when I went on a field trip to East Godavari District (and on that trip I also visited the Narasimhaswamy temple on the coast of the Godavari river where it connects to the Bay of Bengal since my mother told me that my father had been name for the god in that temple). On my facebook page I have some pictures. My aunt (my mother’s brother’s wife) – who owned this building – now her son, my cousin owns it – had passed away by then. But another aunt of mine (my father’s brother’s wife) walked through the village with me and we visited the pedda MEda as well – we also visited one more aunt  – my father’s sister.)



  1. Ganapavarapu Siva Sankara Bhanu Prakash
    Posted April 28, 2015 at 12:25 am | Permalink

    Namaste to Everyone,
    I am from a lesser known Sur name Category, Neverthless a resident of Kakaraparru, My beautiful Village. I am grandson of Ganapavarapu Venkata Satyanarayana garu, fondly known as Tata rao garu.

    Just like so many of Us have in common, i too love the atmosphere of Our village. Most of the days when i would be at my Home (near Anjaneya swamy temple), i would go for a morning walk bare foot to Godavari and spend Quality time there. its complete Tranquility out there. One will definitely enjoy it when one is all alone. i suggest all should experience that once at least.

    The house in the pic here was very familiar to me as i would visit Gopala Krishna Master’s house often to play with their children, My childhood Friends. Now they are all pursuing their engineering courses and myself finished my M.Sc in biotechnolgy

    • Posted April 28, 2015 at 5:58 am | Permalink

      Thankyou for posting, Sankara Bhanu garu,

      I am sure my mother (now past 92 years of age) will be delighted to hear about you – and may remember your grandparents even. She certainly has talked about Tata Rao garu 🙂

      best wishes,

    Posted June 6, 2015 at 2:19 am | Permalink

    Dear All,
    I am TATAPUDI SATYA SRINIVAS.My ancestors do exactly belong to our KAKARAPARRU.My Grand Father’s name is Sri TATAPUDI SATHYANARAYANA MURTHY.My Great Grand Father’s name is Sri TATAPUDI VENKATESWARLU. He died soon after the birth of my Grand Father in Kakaraparru. My Grand Father was taken to Khandavilli by his maternal uncles soon after the cremation of my Great Grand Father .He was brought up in Khandavilli. My Father’s name is TATAPUDI VENKATESWARA RAO.He and my Grand mother were always narrating about KAKARAPARRU during my childhood.They were always explaining about the Scholars ,Vedic Scholars,Ghanapatis,Poets such as Sri VEDULA SUBBA KAVI GARU.I always was wanting to visit my native village KAKARAPARRU.Somehow, I was unable to visit. I was motivated by Prof KUCHIBHOTLA MALLIKHARJUNA RAO GARU,J.N.T.U,KAKINADA to visit the Sivalayam constructed by His Majesty RAJA RAJA NARENDRA in Kakaraparru.I planned to visit this temple in two months.I read “My journey to Rajavolu” authored by Mrs Radhika exactly when I planned to visit Kakaraparru.This article is nicely written.I also watched the vedio of Kakaraparru.I want to know whether Mrs Radhika is a writer.I would be glad if I am informed of her Bio Data and literary works etc.I wish to hear from all. Thanks ,with best wishes.

    [Note from Radhika – if you need the mobile number and email – reply to this comment – I have removed it from the public comment to preserve privacy].

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