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Today at the Mediacommons meeting Avi suggested that members of what until now has been called the editorial board and what might get called….from now on, should maybe start blogging at the mediacommons site.

I sit here on the flight back to Detroit (where I will catch my flight to Toledo and then get picked by car to go “home” in Bowling Green, Ohio) and wonder what my first mediacommons blog should be about.

Perhaps my entry into what has come to be termed as “e-writing”, or “e-publishing”? And yet – surely – my readers wont want to read all of that. So a shortened version maybe.

The three day meeting on Bradley Beach in a B and B “Cashelmara” was full of energy and ideas. But interestingly I found myself to be of an older generation (maybe along with Lisa, Kathleen and Bob) of e-writers in several ways. And here I am not referring to my bodily age (which is probably older than than most of the people at the gathering too), but to my age online with some sort of “writerly” academic engagement within online life and e-writing. As Lisa (who is probably an even older online based academic than I am, based on the history she charted out) mentioned our online research life trajectories have crossed paths.

What this means is that the struggle and the tensions between online publishing, blogging and academic credibility in relation to promotion and tenure processes have been on our minds for a long time now, and we have resolved these each in our own negotiated ways.

What I saw at that meeting was another community of e-scholars publishing their work in multiple formats – but with almost the same set of anxieties in relation to the PTR process. It feels like we must re-invent the wheel here in some ways – and yet – is it a re-invention of the wheel if we think of the different forms of publishing online now available. Why are we needing to re-invent this wheel or whatever it is? I remember having discussions similar to what we had yesterday and the day before at meetings held by the Cyberculture working group (David Silver) and during the early meetings of AOIR as well as during meeting such as the one we had for the special issue of Works and Days for project UNLOC.

On the other hand I remember similar intellectual energy during my days with the spoon collective when we constantly discussed what we were doing in trying to open up public spaces of discusses through email lists (in fact the last time I landed and took off from Laguardia was almost 10 years ago when the Spoon collective had our meeting at Malgosia Arkansas’ house in Queens).

How content might circulate through scholarly content systems

What types of evaluation do I want?

Who are your peers

How is review going to function

— more later…

p.s I wrote this on my flight to Detroit – am cutting and pasting from the word do onto the blog in Detroit airport. Tomorrow I will be in an airport again – on my way to the Central States Communication Association conference and maybe I can continue this…

MC blogging continued…

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