Day one of class across time zones

comprar mobic sin receta So I’ve been at this setting up of my online class since 5.30 am Norway time I am sure by now my students most of whom are in EDT zone will start to see the content.

Buy Cytotec I  have also very clumsily recorded my snapchat lecture with one handheld appliance from another – so I will now let it all rest. No more snaps for a few hours because I know I won’t be able to record from appliance to appliance awkwardly maybe until tomorrow night ish Norway time.

acquistare cardizem This is good – because now I can get my head unwound from the class work which was threatening to take over everything today. But I did still manage to get some of the other things on my list done… (my Utrecht public talk is written, for instance and I did not fully ditch my collaborators working on writing a grant:)) so … I will now recede into non-social media private space.

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Snapchat Lectures for Online ACS 6820

comrar venta topamax **Warning – clunky videos – not best quality – spontaneous production – typos and sound issues …

acheter oxytrol But we explore ….

genneric levitra Here’s the storify explanation for what I’m doing for my summer graduate class in 2016 (This method will also be adapted for the undergrad class later this summer – but there are more than double number of students enrolled in that online class so I may do it a bit differently).

comrar venta etodolac

acheter tamoxifen  

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Digital Humanities and the (Critical) Communication Discipline and Methods

vigrx Forthcoming and  in-progress – meanwhile – look at my tweets, Facebook posts and other scattered notes.

comprar parlodel sin receta And note that my Fall class from SMC will be taking up this theme:

Buy Propecia dhcritandcomm2016course

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Catching up with myself

acquistare nimotop Here’s another one of my periodic blog updates as I once again “catch up with myself” this Fulbright-Norway academic year of 2015-2016.

compra sinemet My last blog post here was in December 2015. Since January I’ve been a bit slow on social media too. Also since my spinning tools are in back home in Ohio, I haven’t be streaming my fiber images via instagram etc either.

quem pensa enriquece The year started with good intellectual activity in Mumbai and Hyderabad and  then a new course at UiB in Bergen on Inclusion/Exclusion in Digital Cultures that I am  co-teaching with Hilde Corneliussen.

visual minteq lectures February sort of went away in a haze of broken elbow surgery and negotiation of plates and screws in the elbow as a consequence.

the effective business email writing formula in 7 easy steps easysteps business english book 1 March began with a visit from a dear colleague from Bowling Green  – Kris Blair.

math 3 np bali Now today – I head down to Trondheim “Futurescapes” conference to present my work there.

gleim cia March 20 to 24 I am in Zaragoza, Spain doing a Intercountry Fulbright Lecture and Teaching thing.

In April – I will be giving a couple public talks – one at MSU  and another at USF (TBA).

In May I am off to do a Master teaching gig and a talk and catch up with colleagues at Utrecht (Partially funded by the ICC Fulbright ).

In early June I will be presenting at the “Active Citizenship today” conference at Tromso.

After that I head home to Bowling Green, Ohio.



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writing thoughts

Not for the first time ever has it occurred to me … how many times my daily work and home life routines have actually destroyed some very good writing habits I developed in my key teenage years when I was convinced I wanted to be an “author” – what that meant to me then and what that means to me now of course are very very different.
I also had far better writing habits when I had an infant and then a very tolerant toddler around me to make me stay in place and read and write.
(and type  –  even though I had to give up my writing tools to him and find another mode of writing – that was easier done when I was in notebook and pen mode than when I had to handover the typewriter and later the computer)
I even had far better writing habits when I was completing my dissertation!
(Perhaps because I had no unrealistic expectations that it would be earth shattering – it was not – but it was done)
And yes I shared the computer with the then preteen too. It wasn’t until I got my tenure track position that I completely relinquished my desktop to him and then eventually he went and built his own computer(s).
I am grateful this academic year for a period away from the busy work of everyday university service (even though I have to teach and grade here and I am still working closely with all my graduate advisees and mentees at BGSU – I don’t have to worry about some of the other things). That kept eating away at all my strongly cultivated writing and concentration discipline. I think slowly I may figure out how to re-route my brain circuits so I can write straight sentences everyday and get my writing projects completed.
fingers crossed.


Thank you to all my colleagues at my home institution – BGSU – who are doing all this work – because that work – although it disrupts the research work – must be done to protect our academic integrity and teaching philosophies.

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Gender research NOW at UiB

Today and tomorrow I can be found presenting and discussing here:

On December 16, – you will find me at

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Thought you missed a life changing post on my blog today – didn’t you?

Nah – I’m not planning on posting anything today


but this ….


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Look! The “subaltern” is using shiny things….how “evidence” skews investigation

A  post header inspired by a few recent conversations:

One with a past Doctoral advisee and good friend who is a documentary film maker and nonprofit organization founder with a Phd in cultural studies; another based in conversations with a second life/South India based contact and collaborator; and another on several discussions in Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder and of course conversations with a collaborator or two or more in Bowling Green, Ohio… and most recently another conversation that occurred yesterday as a very nice world traveller couple helped me out with interviewing a Syrian migrant through multiple layers of translation as none of us (including interviewee) present were extremely fluent in Norwegian and only three of us were fluent in English and one of us (me) was unable to understand Norwegian (lots of nonverbals were (mis)understood on all sides and there were a few attempts to use a translation app).

{umm… sentence structure? what’s that?]

While I won’t reveal our actual discussions yet (look for some in maybe something I’m writing for a recent call about media and migration) – Here are some prompts for me to follow up on later. Feel free to join the conversation.

For instance – two blog posts I started and didn’t feel like writing about yet were…

  • Big Data, Small data, Canned Data, Repeated data, Commodified Voice and  Researcher Responsibility
  • Look! The “subaltern” is using shiny things….how “evidence” skews investigation (or what counts as “evidence” for what – a question I’ve often repeated).


alcpt form 74 Random links – not necessary what I agree with or fight against or related to what I might have posted in this blog post that isn’t:

  8. [somewhere on the site later this week there are related questions I pose].
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I have always entered “through the Internet” – I am a researcher of the Internet

Yes – I am a researcher of the Internet.

That is my point of entry into academic writing.

So of course I enter any field for research through the internet – the “virtual” is my site of study – my field research is here.

But I don’t take what I find on the internet as evidence of everything that is happening everywhere else.

Evidence for what is on the Internet – verification processes – comes from many journeys offline… where you cannot see me through the internet.

So don’t think you know where I am …

who I am..

when you see my bytes floating around

on the Internet.

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A picture is not worth a 1000 words

machinery november 2015 This is post from another of my dead blogs – posted Jun 20, 2014 @ 13:13


Driving around randomly in my small town while talking to my mother on the phone, I suddenly focused on the road ahead…

Rather than try to describe every detail – I wanted to pick up my iPhone and “instagram” it – for no apparent inspiring reason other than to document that moment.

But I was on the phone and driving – so instagraming “that shit” would just cause an accident or at least cause some people (who were not yet behind me but would suddenly appear in the moment of my loss of attention while instagramming) to honk at me or wave their middle finger at me.

Still – now I am sitting here trying to recall why I had that momentary urge to take a snapshot of the road as it meets Haskins Road … and I can’t …

So if I had actually taken that picture – I would still be wondering, and wonder more so a year later – what is the significance.

So when is a picture worth a thousand words?

When 10 years from now or even 2 years from now that empty lot with the gate and no entry sign that I was gazing at is replaced by some horrible looking building or structure – this is the predictable outcome of “development” – more concrete type structures – that in Bowling Green, with its declining business – makes no sense. Then the picture will be worth something. But not a thousand words – I will still need to write the thousand words after trying to understand what happened.

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