Writing the Rajavolu analysis

and thinking of dominant, residual, emergent

part of my post to cultural studies list:

Can anyone point me to

1] critiques of R. Williams dominant, residual and emergent…

2] whether anyone has examined Williams’ residual = rural in relation to development studies and globalization theories

[just to clarify – I dont mind the residual = rural – that in itself has no implicit value judgement unless it is brought in relation to Development narratives – I see the residual and emergent as much more complex when examined in varying contexts than – so that, for instance, in the case of natural dye the residual needs to be recovered and merged into the emergent so that natural dye technology is actually an *emerging* technology in our current time/context even though for it to emerge, we need to connect various residual practices to dominant ones. I think this is also the dilemma or marketing from “outside” the market economy so to speak… but more on this some other time)

3] what this notion of residual = rural implies for the use of “emerging” in relation to mainly IT/digital/”new” media related technologies

unless of course I am wrong in my reading of Williams’ notion of residual… in which case, I would love to hear about that too.

continuing discussion at http://dastkar.cyberdiva.org with s, s, a and l


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