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Look! The “subaltern” is using shiny things….how “evidence” skews investigation

A  post header inspired by a few recent conversations: One with a past Doctoral advisee and good friend who is a documentary film maker and nonprofit organization founder with a Phd in cultural studies; another based in conversations with a second life/South India based contact and collaborator; and another on several discussions in Berlin and Frankfurt/Oder […]

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Affective circuits and Digital Mediation – Borders, Refugees, Migrants, Bottom of the Pyramid, Smartphones, Care workers, Work/Labor, Games for change, Gender and Race…

Affective circuits and Digital Mediation –  Borders, Refugees, Migrants, Bottom of the Pyramid, Smartphones, Care workers, Work/Labor, Gender and Race…. These are but a few of the key words for all the flurry of research activity that has been occurring in my life these past few months since I arrived in Bergen, Norway as Fulbright […]

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Digital Humanities and the Subaltern – who gets to be “human”?

In a series of tweets, notes and paper abstracts so far I’ve been asking and thinking through this question in relation to why Digital Humanities – and how Digital Humanities can or should be mobilized for social justice. This involves a thinking through of what it means to be human (again) and of the location […]

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Information on Fulbright Intercountry Lecturing Program

This morning I received an emailing informing me how anyone who invites me to give a talk during my Fulbright might be able to get Fulbright funding for my visit. Since some colleagues expressed interest, I am posting the message and link here. Through this program you will be eligible to go on short trips to lecture in […]

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My latest *thing*

Yes – its a thing folks – Come register, sign up, watch…. (Click here to register) I made another course thing open to all (not really – only to those who tell me why and who etc) … lookie http://dhcrit.org

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#DHPoco with Roopika and Rahul

salaam 38.1 (Summer 2014)

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