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From Situated Knowledges, Partial Truths, Extended Ethnographies, Locating of Selves to Ethnography of Fragments/Fragmented Access

As I continue my interviews and ethnographies for my three books in-progress (don’t don’t ask ….) I begin to understand anew (it happens each time I embark on a new research project and try to sort out how to verify information from one interview to another – from one ethnographic context to another source of […]

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An Indian in Bergen – or a US citizen in Bergen? (or shall we call it – the importance of knowing your Hing”?)

So we walk around looking for stores where they sell Indian (ish) vegetables, spices and grains and legume – we exhibit mannerisms and mixed accents that reveal us as “ugly Americans”… who are we? Who are we when we whip out an American Express card sheepishly as we run out of Norwegian Kroners? Who am […]

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Arrivals after departure

Departed from Bowling Green, Ohio, USA for a year to be in Bergen, Norway. This will be my home for a year  as Fulbright-Norway Scholar (in Digital Culture) 2015-2016 at University of Bergen (with my BG home safely under the care of JD). My first couple days here have been spent in fascination with the […]

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nomad building families/links through online networks

my current immersion in a network leads me back to the theme of mobility and immobility and the (problematic ) assumptions about nomadic life as mobility…. building (new) “families” as families fade and delink … what epistemic shifts in relationality occur? what sorts of avoidance and rerouting around trauma? and the assumption that this is […]

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