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From Situated Knowledges, Partial Truths, Extended Ethnographies, Locating of Selves to Ethnography of Fragments/Fragmented Access

As I continue my interviews and ethnographies for my three books in-progress (don’t don’t ask ….) I begin to understand anew (it happens each time I embark on a new research project and try to sort out how to verify information from one interview to another – from one ethnographic context to another source of […]

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Arrivals after departure

Departed from Bowling Green, Ohio, USA for a year to be in Bergen, Norway. This will be my home for a year  as Fulbright-Norway Scholar (in Digital Culture) 2015-2016 at University of Bergen (with my BG home safely under the care of JD). My first couple days here have been spent in fascination with the […]

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Women’s formal and informal labor ( category layering and unpacking to be contd)

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